Clients Testimonials

James M. Regan - President, NEW LENOX DEVELOPMENT LLC

I represent a major residential real estate development in New Lenox, Illinois called Prairie Ridge Estates. The subdivision is the first Net Zero Energy community in the nation. The project consists of 132 net zero energy homes. Also the common area landscaping is net zero energy. The project is the result of the combined efforts of the developer, two general contractors, BASF, General Electric, Logix, ICF systems, Climatemaster, Shaw Industries, Cree, Bank of America, Menards, Prairie Concrete, Illinois Brick, James Mason, Alliance for Sustainability. The homes will recieve LEED Platinum, National Home Builder Award, Department of Energy Builder Challenge Award, EPA air quality Award, Energy Star, and numerous other awards.

Needless to say this project has taken the combined efforts of all who have participated. It has been a very demanding project requiring exacting standards. Tim Krzeminski of Laughing Waters, was hired to install the entrance water features to the subdivision. He was given strict parameters as to price, energy consumption, and aesthetics of the features. In all fairness I have to admit we were somewhat concerned with his age and experience, however, after a due diligent review we hired his firm to complete the job.

We are extremely satisfied with the results. I suggest you review our subdivision and you will no doubt agree. The water features are outstanding. Just as important is what you do not see. The energy consumption of the features is powered completely by the wind turbine installed. Tim not only designed the features, installed the features, and maintains the features, he was responsible to determine the energy requirements and coordinate with the energy production side to produce net zero. He also installed the environmentally sustainable planting in the features as well. In a nut shell he did a commendable job on a project most would not have a clue. I am available to discuss anything with regards to Laughing Waters.

MaryAnn V. - Palos Park, IL

Having a pound has completed my back yard enjoyment! Having Laughing Waters install the pond made the process Pleasant adventure on its own. The placement of my pond was much thought by my pond designer, Tim Krzeminski. He gave great consideration to the layout of the pond with regard to the terrain the area, the direction, depth and size of the stream, and placement of stone. All of his hard work made the process simple and beautifully done!

Chris C. - Lemont, IL

It was dream of mine to have my own private nature fishing pond with an is land that would bring back my childhood memories in Europe. My family and I turned to Tim Krzeminski and his talented team at Laughing Waters, Inc. to design a one of a kind paradise.

Timothy and his team created breathtaking waterfalls, and a fully stocked fishing pond with a large island that can be reached by crossing a large bridge… Every detail was crafted from memories that I only had in my mind, and now I am able to walk through and enjoy with my family every day. The team at laughing waters is truly talented artists.

Stan - Orland Park, IL

Orland Park, IL. Hi Tim, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful pond you had created in front of our home. As you go down our paved walkway to our front door you are greeted by a nice natural looking water fall and pond with a unique Japanese maple tree over the water edge. It looks great at all angles, inside the house and out. When we open the window the sound of the rushing water is relaxing most enjoying. Good Job!

Fred K. - RoyaltyWest Banquest (Willow Springs, IL)

Thank you Tim! You have salvaged our existing mediocre waterfall and turned it into an impressible water feature for our business. From the carefully coordinated stone layout to its natural looking beauty the waterfall & pond distinctive personality. The extra large stones make a great statement.

Our guests have a tranquil & relaxing atmosphere for their special events that fit perfectly with the ambiance of our medieval style banquet facility. Thanks for the great work and we recommend your service to everyone!

Carol L. Bilder - Burr Ridge, IL

Burr Ridge, Illions After moving into our home, we decided a waterfall would complete our wonderful views. I envisioned multiple falls that could be seen from all three levels of our house. The design had to be unique to the space, yet have that ” always been there” feeling.

Tim Krzeminski is a talent who quickly understood what I dreamed of . Being an artist myself, I knew he was right for the job. He could envision the finished design and prove to me that he saw it as I did. “Laughing Waters” pricing was comparable to others but I doubt we would have had the personal commitment with another company.

Besides the pondless waterfall feature, we also had a paver brick patio removed and replaced with an inviting two-tire stone area that extended well into our sloping yard. The beautiful landscaping and retaining walls add to the magnificence of this outdoor living space.

Besides the pondless waterfall feature, we also had a paver brick patio removed and replaced with an inviting two-tire stone area that extended well into our sloping yard. The beautiful landscaping and retaining walls add to the magnificence of this outdoor living space.

I highly recommend Tim and “Laughing Waters” to take on any size projects! He has an impressive portfolio and many fabulous installations to his credit. Tim’s honest and wise beyond his years. You can count on even after completion!