Natural Swimming Pool Design and Construction

Laughing Waters has been working across the country building natural swimming pools for years.  We are experts in the design, science and construction of award winning natural swimming pools.

Laughing Waters is a proud member of “The Pool Master” team.  For the last 10 years Laughing Waters has been working hand in hand with Anthony Archer Wills and Dave Duensing.  Anthony Archer Wills is one of the worlds most respected and accomplished landscape architects and has been building award winning natural swimming pools around the world for decades.  Dave Duensing is one of the most skilled landscape contractors in America, building natural water features and landscapes for some of the most exclusive projects.  Laughing Waters is proud to be an important piece of “The Pool Master” team.

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No Chemicals

The chemical-free water avoids the many health concerns associated with conventional pools, such as eye and skin irritations, cancer and respiratory problems.

Less Energy

A simple mechanical pump and filter passes warmer water from the regeneration area into the swimming area, while the black material lining the swimming area heats up quickly and retains warmth.


Although construction costs may be higher than those of conventional pools, natural pool owners save significant amounts on maintenance costs as their pools do not require expensive filtration equipment and chemicals.


The regeneration area attracts frogs, toads, dragonflies, damselflies, water boatmen and pond-skaters, which subsequently attract woodland and garden birds, which also drink and bathe in the water.

Less Water

Natural pools don’t need constant emptying and refilling. Occasional top-up aside, they only need to be filled once.

Natural Swimming Pools are not a new technology, they have been popular in Europe for decades.  Their year round beauty and versatility make them an ideal aquatic recreation option when health and beauty are determining factors

Natural Swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes and when done properly, can mimic the natural landscape of its surroundings.  With features like beach entries, waterfalls, diving rocks and flush edging, natural swimming pools are more than a pool, they are a statement of natural beauty and fun.

Unlike a traditional pool, you do not cover, drain or refill the pool in different seasons. In cold climates, natural swimming pools can be used in the winter as mini ice rinks, if safely frozen.  These pools can also include heating devices to ensure a long and enjoyable swim season.

Laughing Waters is America’s leading designer and installer.  We have been building national award winning natural swimming pools and natural water features for over 10 years.  Our industry leading construction and design techniques are why Laughing Waters is America’s leader in natural swimming pool design and construction.

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