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Pondsai Water Garden

Pondsai Water Garden Package Installed for the Amazing Price of $6995.00*

*Prices may vary based on upgrades and options.

5 Reasons Why Pondsai is The Best Water Garden Available

  • Starting at $6995.00

  • Beautiful, large hand selected boulders

  • Artisan stone and masonry work by renown water feature craftsmen

  • Low maintenance design

  • Professional pump and filtration systems

  • Unmatched beauty and natural aesthetic

  • Custom designed for your property

  • Call to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION 708.586.2393

Our artisans custom build your Pondsai to blend in naturally to your current landscaping. Our team can incorporate your new water garden into your existing landscape in many ways to ensure that your pondsai is not only beautiful, but also tastefully incorporated into your lifestyle.

Our professional artisans build your Pondsai water garden to the highest possible quality, using only the finest materials available. Your boulders will be mortared in place to ensure a safe and fun water feature environment for years to come.

Laughing Waters only builds a handful of Pondsai water gardens per year, so that our team has the time needed to create a truly magicial Pondsai environment for you. Say goodbye to the old montra of “a pond in a day.” Our true value is shown in our unmatched custom natural details learned over years of experience building the best water features in the world.

Say goodbye to ugly ponds say hi to pondsai


Professional Installation by Pond Experts

Complete Professional Quality Water Garden System

Large Hand Selected Natural Stone Boulders

Custom Built For Your Property

Call today to discuss your custom Pondsai Water Garden

Call today to discuss your custom Pondsai Water Garden