Golf Course Water Features

Silo Ridge Golf Club Water Feature Constructed by Laughing Waters Inc

The ultimate goal of Laughing Waters is to create an authentic aquatic environment with a naturalistic water features based on the design parameters set by the Golf Course Architect. Our team of water feature artisans will skillfully interpret a design to create the ultimate goal, which is creating an aquatic environment that is truly authentic with live rockwork, aquatic plant beds, and an interactive stream with pathways and stepping stones that lead to different waterfalls and unique surprises.

Every effort will be made to construct the water feature so as to be as natural as possible and maximize the viewing opportunities.

The surface of moving water is determined by depth and flow characteristics and by the shape and texture of the container. Constrictions and protrusions in the stream cause turbulence in the flow and increase surface texture. Cascades and waterfalls are determined by, flow, the condition of the edge over which the water falls, and the height and nature of the fall. This is all controlled by tedious stone placement.

Your water feature will be skillfully constructed from hand selected natural boulders.  Each piece is selected for specific characteristics, color, and size and placed so that the rock strata and colors blend together to help create authenticity. Rock is often cut and shaped with specialty tools to create details.

Stone placement is of the utmost importance when constructing a waterfall and stream system.  The goal is to make this feature look as natural as possible, while providing a dynamic display.  The Laughing Waters construction team consists of only talented natural water artisans.  Our team of highly trained experts will meticulously implement natural details into this project to ensure that the water feature is truly magnificent. Additional rock will be used within the landscape that surrounds the water course, this will help tie in the surrounding topography and create an authentic Rock and Water display.

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