Animal Planet’s The Pool Master

Laughing Waters is a proud member of the pool master team

Laughing Waters is a proud member of “The Pool Master” team. For the last 10 years Laughing Waters has been working hand in hand with Anthony Archer Wills and Dave Duensing. Anthony Archer Wills is one of the worlds most respected and accomplished landscape architects and has been building award winning natural swimming pools around the world for decades. Dave Duensing is one of the most skilled landscape contractors in America, building natural water features and landscapes for some of the most exclusive projects. Laughing Waters is proud to be an important piece of “The Pool Master” team.

Natural Swimming pools are the future of residential and public swimming pools in America. Natural Swimming Pools have been popular in Europe for many years because of their beauty and obvious environmental and personal health benefits. “The Pool Master” team has perfecting Natural Swimming Pool construction and technology by building the most beautiful natural swimming pools in America. “The Pool Master” can be seen on the Animal Planet channel.

A pool that looks like it was made by Nature | The Pool Master

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